Sa Wakas, the EHEADS Shirts Are Done

The plan...

The result...

Three weeks after my one-man PR, the Eraserheads reunion t-shirt is finally out of the closet, so to speak. Our printer kinda miss out on our desired color of textile paints & tees and missed out on my preferred font. But still, this is good. Next make, perhaps, even the font, we'll supply to the guys with the paint and the brush. Kunti lang tu, order here now.

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Great, January 09, I am 4000 Pesos Richer Per Month

Once upon a time we had our home far away. Then, all studied and migrated in Metro Manila. The house was left behind. It's now a house of God. as I was told. Group of Born Again Christians bought our house. I guess it's a holy place now. By far, holier when I was living in there and in my teens. Oh the memories. The Vaseline memories.

Then we rented places/apartments here in Metro Manila (mostly Makati). And we rented... and we rented... and we rented... and we rented...

It dawned on the matriarch that we were wasting P6000 or 8000 or so a month. So the Momma got this sub-urban house, payable some 6 to 8 years.

(Same reasoning that's why I moved out of a rented flat of P8500 a month, to a "to-own" condominium unit. Despite the burdensome monthly ammort of P25,000, I still think owned place is the right choice. 4 years to go on this one. We'll get there. God is great. No really, God is great!)

In the middle or before the middle of the term, she retired from work. The rest is history. For some years/months, the youngest paid for a whopping P19,000 a month. Salamasistah!

Then, things change, financial statuses of us change, so, we responsibly adjusted and split it up to four.

Past 2 years, four siblings paid P4000, P4000, P5000, P6000 a month to pay for it.

To date, though we all have are own homes, we are still shelling 4,4,5,6 grands a month to get this sort of ancestral home paid.

But the news yesterday is, it's almost over. By January 09, the house is fully paid. Soon to be free.

Come 09, new year's gift, I am P4000 richer every middle of the month.

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Globe Stationed On Pluto

I sent my customer complaint last June 28th and the customer service got back to me today (July 30) via email.

Yep, that's a little over a month.

Calculating the speed of internet data transfer over fiber optic cable and satellite relay of data, I am estimating that Globe's customer service division is stationed on planet Pluto. Wait, Pluto aint planet now?

And she wrote...
Good day.
We apologize for the delay in our response due to the significant increase in our email messages. We regret the negative impression you have gained from your recent bundled broadband application thru our agent. Our agent has proactively processed your landline service while the internet was not readily available. It is regrettable that this was not an acceptable option on your part. We've gathered however, that your account has been reclassified to the correct plan on July 9. With this, we shall ensure that bill charges prior to the said dates shall be adjusted accordingly.
On the other hand, we are looking into the unnecessary calls you have received. Proper attention on this matter has been requested from our Sales Support team. We are ensuring that they look into process flaws which have led to the complication of your application under the Broadband plan. Again, our sincere apologies for the stressful experience these incidents may have caused you. We look forward to the chance of redeeming your trust and the chance of continued service.
Best regards.

Stressing indeed.

To all other Globe subscribers being shortchange by them, mail 'em. Email ad is customercare@innove.com.ph. Just don't flood them. Doing so, lalo lang malilito si Customer Service Agent 007.

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I see Dead Pixel

Pucha, you buy a branded notebook COMPAQ, praise the COMPAQ notebook, blog the COMPAQ notebook, recommend the COMPAQ notebook, take care of your COMPAQ notebook and still, in the end (or beginning of the end of my love affair with COMPAQ), it fails you.

Dunno where this came from, but my laptop has dead pixels. Last week, it was Kristala crystal clear.

Today, not one but cluster of dead pixels. Not only that cluster (shown pic), but five other location with 1 dead pixel each. I think this was brought upon by too much cleaning, using whatever I can get hold of, a tissue, a t-shirt, a t-back, etc. Damped at that.

I work with images and photo-editing too, when I see this deadpixel areas, it's ANNOYING.

This means, say goodbye to higher resale value OR be ready to pass this PC to one that has tolerance for deadots.

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Viruses On Blogspot

Well, well, well, look where the viruses are reported to be having the time of the effing lives...

As per report, 2% of infected webpages are hosted by BLOGSPOT! Way to go for a Google owned web property.

For months (years actually), I've been thinking of moving this blog to a Wordpress one. Reason, WP is easier to use and more customizable.

But, big BUTs are...

(No.1) I am lazy to move this blog. Why bother? 10 visits a day blog deserves not upgrading. LOL. Besides, this blog really (somehow) defines a WebLog. This is basically a diary/blog of my 4 year existence. Nice to look back and see what happened back in some days.

(No.2) For nostalgia... I'd like to preserve the look of this blog. I mean, how boring can a site be? Jut look at mine. Also, I'd like to maintain the "what the hell are you thinking title tag"...

The Philippines, Technology, Gadgets, Philippine Basketball, NBA Basketball and my LIFE

Nice! (And the monkey header logo pic. That's legend. That's stolen, btw.)

Back to the virus report. Even with this report by antivirus firm Sophos, I'll hold my blog in here. The way I see it, this 4-yr-blog is the whole virus, might at well save inside server of the virus shelter, BLOGSPOT.

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Chop Suey Covered By A 2-Yr Old In Diapers



How to Terminate BNC Connectors (and RCA) To RG59 CCTV Cable

Learned something from technician on how to terminate RCA and BNC connectors to the COAX cable.

This coacial cable is used in the installation of CCTV Cameras and DVR Systems. One cute little DVR package here.

I tried what I learned and sort of documented it for posting here. Of course, every technician or an engineer has his own technique (don't you love that word?) so no system is perfect. Of course2, we can dig the Electrical Engineering Wiring code but hey, what I saw from this technician who demoed the stuff, made sense.

Unless Alessandro Volta haunt my BNC-RG59-RCA connection, this will hold and this is the process that I'll follow. Besides, I tested my 5 co-ax cable made last night, and all were good. Videos are clear (including the night vision camera). Very nice for those who'd love to have their own glorious sex scandal.

Pictures below...

The BNC Connector.

Strip the co-ax cable. About an inch (depends on your BNC Connector). Also strip the dielectric insulator (white one) about 3/16" of inch. Collect or twist the braided copper (wire) to a single strand. That is the ground.

Clamp the copper ground using a long nose tool or ordinary pliers.

Solder the thin wire to the BNC connector.

Normally, there is a rubber insulator to be placed after the solder is made. But, it's more recommended to electrically tape it. Tape doesn't go places unlike that of the plastic.

Insert the connector barrel. Sometimes, this barrel needs crimping. In my sample, this is the screwed type.

Finally, put an electrical tape to seal the connection. Protection on grounds and added integrity of connection.

Same steps with that of the RCA Connector's end. Only, it will end as shown in the pic above.

There you go, RG-59 Cable - RCA & BNC connection learned from the actual installer of CCTV Systems, and not from the book.

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MR Bean Bag FS

Am selling this bean bag. Bought this a week ago. Reason for selling: At 70cm diameter, it's a little wide for our micro living room.

  • Size - about 70 cm diameter
  • Acts as accent chair
  • Nice during TV watching, nintendo or PS3 playing, watching DVD just chilling, or how about this, A LOVE SEAT. Save money, buy this rather than availing VICTORIA COURT's love seats.
  • Super comfortable
  • Adapts to body/size/weight of the user
  • High quality material make
  • Pick up only at Makati (WEEKDAYS).
  • Breathing holes.
Contact me directly if you like this OR bid on it at my EBAY account.

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HTML Site Wire to Wire

Spent yesterday's PM and today's PM drafting/making a layout for a quite frankly, sister's company. Literally.

It took me a day to do this. Yep, I am slow. The background images take time to do. All images used here are made from scratch. But, the basic lay-outing and placement is easy. Just like inserting tables on a word document.

Because owner thinks (I think so too) that pure HTML websites are getting more Google love than database driven (os commerce, joomla, mambo, drupal, etc.) websites. More so, if you didn't tweak the search engine friendliness of the URL of the database site. Say goodbye to GOOG, err, GOOD SERP.

The site/company does Semicon Industry related products and services and it should be live in some days. I think. I hope.

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Blozooming Even More

One day, I woke up dreaming of building a classifieds ads website. One big problem, I am not a real programmer. But hey, am driven. Back in January, after some weeks, I was able to build one... BLOZOOM!

Then other (offline and online) projects came in so Blozoom! dev went to a halt. This week I was able to go back and look inside Blozoom.com and see what can be added. Tonight, some weak tweaks were added...
  1. We removed the footer ads at the bottom of the page. It's mildly useless anyways.
  2. We improved the delivery of GOOGLE ADS via other Joomla Module.
  3. We inserted one ad inside the ad descripton page. Just to pay bills, you know.
  4. Blozoom now has RANDOM MESSAGE atop the page. Yes, on top. Look up.
  5. Blozoom now has SHOUTBOX. Really did not want this, but hell, all other classifieds sites have this so we went ahead and put one.
  6. Notice the footer - credits. Funny thing is, this site is developed by WMN but take a look at WMN site, its stuck in year of 2000. LOL!
  7. We've installed a "Your Badge" add on where user can copy the html to place the badge on his personal/company website or any other sites that allow html insertions like Blogspot, Myspace, Friendster, etc. (see the ugly sample at the sidebar... i'll edit that! i'm sleepy!)
  8. All content items (like Tips, Tutorials, Blog Entry, FAQs) inside Blozoom! are loaded with Ads!
  9. We've laid out all the categories at the bottom page for your easy navigation and hopefully some search engine luv.
  10. Powerful Google Search at the bottom of the page as well. Make me a rich man, use that.

And more to come.

It's Coming Together!

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DVD Case From Basurahan

I got this from pile of debris (dry) at hallways' end. Record is straight, I did not steal these. Exactly 2 dozens. The garbageman in me, picked em all. Some clean-up is needed though...

THE M(es)SI Set-up At Home

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Blozoom.com ShoutBox

I was asked to install one module at Blozoom.com. A module that nobody will ever use, but the hell with that. Lemme install it anyways. Dameeet, it took half a day to choose the better version of the module, to customize it , and make it actually work. Too little time with too many projects.

Rather than calling it SHOUTBOX, I dubbed it BOOM BOX. Just inserted (loz) for the Blozoom branding. Check out the Blozooom Shoutbox and make some noise.

Eh what's that site is all about? It's a Philippines Buy & Sell. Go there, sell anything 'cept ur soul.

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(e)Heads Up T-Shirt

With the Eraserheads Jumboree2 fast approaching, we decided to roll out or print out some dozens Eraserheads t-shirt. Hopefully available end of July. Go here, see if it's any good.

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Back Log Back Up

After dumping the hellish Smartbro connection I got, I am now subscribed to a 384kbps plan, Globe cheapest. Crossing my fingers, so far, its fairly stable and fast (for me).

Today, I was able to finish (FINALLY!) over 1GB of back-upping. I maintain some sites and files online. And past 4 - 5 months, I was not able to do solid, or liquid, back-upping. Before today's back up job... my files, my onlife life, my lifeline were at the mercy of the servers that host them.

I could breathe a little better now knowing I got fresh back-ups stored. One copy in my machine and another one saved using an external hard drive.

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A New Toy... Genius G-Pen 350 Pen Tablet

Literally, this one is of toy range and not for pro grafix artist. It's a Genius Pen Table, G-PEN 350. But hey, I got to start some place before I can dish out better computer generated arts and designs. And so this will do for now.

An alternative is available for users who need programmability over sheer size, Genius says. The G-Pen 350 (not yet pictured) has a smaller 3 by 5-inch drawing area and lacks the extra software. but reportedly gains 22 programmable keys and the same 1,024-gradient pen as the larger 560. It will be available online soon for Macs and Windows systems at a slightly lower $65 price. Link.

I'm so lazy to do a review, but here's a quickie... It does not have a display as (some of) the photo-ads would suggest... definitely made for Windows Vista as it doesn't require any set-up or something... It worls for Mac too... the 3 x 5 screen is not for advanced creator... it's slim and therefore allows easy slip thru your laptop bag... quick access shortscuts or hot keys via macro key manager, therefore easily open applications such as excel. word, i.e., etc.

Also bundled are Power Presenter RE, Free Notes, Office Link and PhotoImpact XL SE installers.

Price is P2250. Bought from Silicon Valley, not in Cali, but MOA.

Now comes the photo software...

A friend who works for an ISO certification firm "borrowed" an original Adobe Creative Suite 3 installer from his company. He was able to sneak it out. Talk about a non-ISO-ish operation. Thus, my laptop is now loaded with POWERful Adobe Creative Suite 3, Design Standard, Acrobat 8 Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Version Cue.

But with great power comes great responsibility (Spidey!), this time, a responsibility to learn the Adobe Photo Software.

I'll post sample once works are pasang-awa level. Tres!

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Sayonara SmartBro!

Today is the day that I'll finally be free of Smartbro. After my transfer here to our new "ba-hive" last March, I got 30% efficiency for this Smartbro ISP. Normally, or, abnormally, only pass 6:00 that I am getting good speeds. And so after 19 months, it's now out. I'm officially over with Smartbroke. Exactly 23:00 hrs tonight, I'll be free at last!

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Pool, Out, In

We played pool last night over at MCS - AMF Puyat Billiards Hall (where, the likes of Boy Samson Luat et al hang around). We were supposed to play Pool Poker but for absence of deck cards, game we played "Killers". First time I played the type. Man oh man, after being dealt successive 6 losses in a month (where, on average, you'd pay 400 to 700 for 2 to 3 hours, tokwat baboy and 6 san mig lights), I finally scored one big V. Be there again next week.

Anyways, see pic above... First time I saw this happen... Spotter says it's still in play. Playing "killers" and having 6 ad 9 as my opponents ball, I said, no way it's not in. "Killers," you need to pocket your opponents pieces. Well, the hell with it, we pounded the combo 6-9 for like 7 hits before it went to the hole.

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James Yap T-Shirt Design

Coming this July.

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Manny Pacquiao T-Shirt

Hey, made these 2 prints last Sunday. If lucky, and if our printer gets this thing inked well onto the t-shirts, we might just get two good Manny Pacquiao t-shirts. My first foray into t-shirt designing. I contributed 3 designs to S^CRED Clothesline, a humble-hobby shirt printing side project we got.

By mid July, head over to SACRED Clothes, available by then and by them. The quality of shirts it will be on, that's where the price will depend on. Price range could be 300-350.

I hereby authorize the use and posting of the designs but link to s-cred.com. Give credits, Man. If you don't, I'll sue you. I'm not kidding. I.Am.Not.I.Am.

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Global Headache

Bad and good, I'll blog.

After almost 2 and half months of clocking 140/90 BPs, I finally have the much needed... hard 2 get... pain in the ass 2 follow-up... Globe Telecom - Innove Communications broadband. I got the 995 plan, a landline PLUS the 384 kbps rated broadband. 384 to me is just right, coz I'm more of UPLOAD guy than a DOWNLOAD guy.

Contrary to the Globe advertisements of easy installation and eskinol clear cut of doing things, I had a hard time getting this connection. Today, I am so happy It's done, I could forgive all the useless agents I've dealt with. A bunch of gay agents included. I forgive you all. In return, forgive me for saying these words, "tanga ang TPA nyo" "This is shit!" PEACE

How tough was it to score a ONE SIMPLE 995 Globe Telecom broadband, landline bundle? This tough... (excerpt fro a letter directed to Globe - Innove, sent to them by me, gazillion times)

I can no longer track and review every single detail my problem with Innove's handling of my subscription but I will try to. In bullets…

  • Via TPA (third party agents), early May, I applied for bundle landline and broadband for home use. My filled up docs were for BROADBAND and Landline.
  • Your TPA says, they will install first the landline, in 3 to 5 days, broadband will follow. I said, it's better to wait for that than have a cranky Smartbro connection.
  • A week later, still no broadband. After more than 5 calls (separate days) to your customer care group that clearly lacks syncing (as I need to tell the history of my problem every call I make), I was informed that there's an error in my application. Application says, I only applied for landline. Globe error or TPA error right there. Please check the hard copy docs, I applied and signed an application with bundled broadband.
  • Weeks and weeks later I am still waiting for the broadband, which, as I was told during the time the TPA is selling the package, 3 to 5 days. A couple of follow ups later to your support group, no development still.
  • Worse, I am receiving a lot of wrong number calls, calls looking for someone else. It seems, my designated number is fresh from disconnection or I don't know, a lot of wrong calls are coming in.
  • Worst, I just received 2 months worth billing for a landline that I didn't need that much. My application was mainly to get a broadband, secondary is, the landline.
  • Even worse than worst, I am getting calls from CEBU Globelines agents who are offering me other packages and promos, where in fact, just a simple 995 plan installation, Innove/Globe cant get it over with.
  • And just 2 days ago, your trusted TPA in the middle of the street, came back to my office and again asked for another photocopy of my licenses. I asked for what, he said for back-up filing. Clearly, it looks like the Broadband part is just being processed at that time.
  • Here's the clincher, another phone call form CEBU Globelines, a certain &$#^***, called, and says internet port or "reservation" is now ready for my line. I said well and good. Finally!
  • But then, she brought the topic, if there are pending bills, it might not be installed to my line. She said it's their SOP. SHE SAYS, SHE MAY HAVE TO RESERVE THE PORT TO OTHER SUBSCRIBER IF I CAN'T PAY THE BILL. Yes, SOP, but the thing is, as a Globe agent, she should know the history and not just give threats of non-installation. She should know that the ERROR is by INNOVE people, or at least your third part agents. Am I to pay for the Globe error?
  • She should at least listen and get the history. She wants me to pay right now, with me, having NO ASSURANCE of really?... a broadband will be installed. I got no problem paying for and suffer from a Globe error, but PLEASE, show to me, that you can install the broadband. Threat by this &$#^*** of redirection of reservation is unwarranted. And by the way, as I was asking for Ms. &$#^*** details, her position, department, etc., so I can clearly state the history in case I file complaint and the history. She said, I am sorry sir, SHE HANGED UP on a subscriber. Already being shortchanged, an agent hangs up. That is not acceptable. In no way I am cursing her, I just want to get her info for the record. Train her please.
  • Suffice it to say, I DO NOT TRUST your system anymore. Just too many people I am talking to with no coordination at all. The TPA, the 919888 agents, the CEBU based agents. Sigh. There is NO REASON to pay an erroneous installation (admitted by Innove crew) without 100% assurance that the broadband will be installed.
  • My new experience with Globe/Innove is far from the advertisements that Globe says it can deliver. And, defintely far from what I am expecting. I have been a loyal Globe subscriber. Please look into this.

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He Met The Walrus



Globe Telecom Loyalty Rebates

Went to a Globe Telecom Center earlier today to see if I can re-up my contract with them (postpaid globe mobile subscription) and possibly get a free unit. Turns out, I got a better deal, I was told I am qualified to get a P416 monthly cash rebate. I'm subscribed to the 800 flex plan of Globe, therefore, I'll only be paying 380 pesos or so for the next 2 years. Had I switched to plan 1200, I'll have rebate of P600. But I got extra phone that I am using (loaded via prepaid cards), so I don't need to go P1200 plan. All biz matters, I use the prepaid line. For personal-friends-family calls/txt, I use the post paid. So there you go, onto the next 24 months of 380 billings (assuming I will not go over the 800 peso credits). It literally pays to be loyal sometimes.

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