Wearing S^CRED Tees and lovin it...

Hey hey, been very this month. Thus, an idle blog. Now posting again to bring one good news. WE GOT NEW KICKASS SHIRTS!!!

I checked in at the office today wearing one SCRED shirt from S^CRED Clothesline. The one I am wearing was loosely derived from Robert Jaworski, his jersey #7, his nickname JAWO and his "Living Legend" monicker. It's cool man, it's cool.

Am part owner of this up and coming clothing line. Hahaha! This is just one perk of doing all sorts of things both online and offline. Now, I can wear tees and jackets we personally designed and thought about. Will soon be a fashion mogul like, P.daddy, Usher etc. Hahaha-2.

Check the SACRED, err S-CRED, err SCRED site here.

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