On bashing Havaianas and getting one

My wife really wanted to buy me a pair but I am not really buying it, so to speak. I feel like if everybody has a pair, it's not cool to wear one now. Everywhere I go, havaianas all over. Like, it's the official footwear of the middleclass and above. Just to stop the push, I just offered, it’s her who needed one and that I’ll just give her a havaianas pair instead. It's here. What a way to counter the offer.

What I really wanted this xmas is a pair of orig classic ray-bans, the very big lenses. My wife says she's willing to do a 50/50 on me for the Ray Bans. But the price range of 6k to 10k is too much right now. Other bills to pay at this point. I just went home with the Sprinto sunglasses. It's around 1900. Got it sale at around 950.00, with 2 free extra lenses and 2 free mini eyewear for the kids (later given as gifts).

Good Lord, I spent half day of the 23rd bashing Havaianas (with praises to Crocs to boot) and repeating countless times that I don't need one and I don't want one. Then, on the 24th day of Christmas, my modah gave to me, a pair in a pear tree.

I am wearing it now at home, and I'll go back to mall wearing this, and I'll buy another one again for my wife coz the high heeled one she has is a pain in the foot.

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