Meet the Buddha Circus

meet-the-buddhas eraserheads-circus
Ladies & gentlemen, meet the Buddhas. Somehow, maybe you've seen this 4-head formation before. Prolly, the album cover of the Beatles' albums, "Meet The Beatles" or the "Hard Days Night" album cover. Or maybe, the "Let it Be" album layout. Then I google some of Beatles album covers and found no match with the four Buddhas formation I photographed. It turns out, the Eraserheads' Circus album cover is the closer match. Not exactly a perfect match but close. Ok, this is a filler blog post. And hey, a filler post deserves a filler song... while we are at it, forcing a post correlating the Eraserheads and the Buddha decor, let's have this song now... "Fill Her" from the Eraserheads!

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