Firefox 2.0 Over Internet Explorer

Who needs Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Now that Mozillas beta version of Firefox 2.0 is getting rave reviews, I can't hardly wait to upgrade. Final release is scheduled for August. Added feature is it's new anti-phishing features. If you have been around the internet, you know this feature means a lot.

Users are warned when they encounter suspected internet criminals and offers to return to their home pages. Phishing protection is turned on by default and works by checking sites that users browse against a local list of known phishing sites, according to Mozilla. I suppose, this list should be regularly updated. Users can do so by reporting web forgers that they will encounter.

This beta release is just about the same time Microsoft is beta testing the version of Internet Explorer 7.0, which it released on June 29. Which also features phishing filter, along with a security status bar, address protection bar and URL handling security. Maybe, if not for Firefox emergence and usability, Microsoft wouldn’t have done this. Competition really benefits the end-user.

Despite of IEs own upgrade, I'll still be using Firefox.


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