ABS-CBN Reporters Mass Exodus

I was flippin the remote control earlier to get some news and I came upon INSIGHT, a segment of CNN. It featured a 30min story of Bill Gates. His beginnings, plans and his future. Much have been written about him but I think the world is better place with him around. He has a 50 to 60 billion dollar foundation, helping in the education, poverty and health care. Cmon, lets support the guy. Buy certified Windows operating system. ;-)

Further TV scanning led me to Channel 9 News Cast. Achormen (woman) were Erwin Tulfo, Connie Sison and another former ABS CBN news personality. Last night, I saw Doris Bigornia (surname, to that effect) at PTV Channel 4. A couple of ABSCBN reporters also is working now at ABC 5. Something is not being reported about this mass exodus of Channel 2 news poeple. Something is not right in that News and Current Affairs division. The reporter movement is too many to ignore, too many to be normal. Hmmmm, any news?


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