Carmelo Anthony's Way

In the end, Melo chose to stay longer in Denver. After pondering a 3 year deal, contracts that Wade and Lebron, he preferred to be a Nugget for 5 years. Maybe, he did not want to leave $20 to 30 millions dollars on the table. That's a whole lot of money. That's 1.5 Billion Pesos my friends. Lebron felt that he can get that $20 million in endorsement deals. Now, Lebron has a safer contract at Cleveland. If everything goes awry in Cavs, 3 years is not that long. He can then move to major market cities to which he truly belongs. Say, New York or L.A.

That's why I am surprised Melo took the longer contract. It seems all is not well at Denver Nuggets. Kenyon is ballistic, still at war with the coach. Coach Karl is such a confrontational motivator, he sometimes gets over the line. Suspect point guards. No reliable shooting guard. Injury prone bigs in Nene and Camby. It will be another long season for the Nuggets now that West has improved even more.


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