Eugene Tejada Factor

I think Purefoods is making a big mistake in bringing some drama by having the Eugene Tejada factor in this series. Basketball is a big drama on its own and it doesn't need outside forces to rev up the game, especially, the Finals.

If it is true that it was Eugene Tejada's call to be at the venue, it's fine. Let him be there. But Purefoods, especially coach Ryan Gregorio should not make so much about it, that they are banking so much on Tejada's inspiration to close out the deal. If it inspire them to have the presense of Tejada, Purefoods should talk about this internally and fire themselves up. Let the media back-off from it for a while. Then, if they win the championship, that's the time to give the victory to Eugene, thank him for the inspiration, thank HIM for the blessing. Then hope and pray for the recovery of Eugene.

But as of now, they are caught up as to what they are playing for.

Are they playing for the Championships?

Are they playing for Limpot's first crown?

Are they playing for Eugene Tejada?


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