PBA.ph - Mozcom Disappoint Me

Is it me or Is it Mozcom handling of the PBA site?

I have been trying to visit the site for 2 days to no avail. Site can not be found. I asked a friend to check the site to make sure that it's not me, and walah, site can not be found too. So it's the site, not me.

I wonder what the PBA has to say about this. God's sake, they are the Philippine Basketball Association and they got a website like this. Imagine the NBA.com, out for days, commissioner Stern would go nuts. C'mon Mr. Eala, notice what's happening with your website. FYI, PBA web site is a vital aspect of your business and organization's marketing approach. Having a site like these is one step backward.

And what do we get (the visitors) when we visit the PBA website. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. A recap of the previous game/s. Eh what happens during conference break and season break? More reasons for the PBA or Mozcom or whoever in charge not to update the website. Some interviews and done. Average, the PBA.ph site has proabably 1 article a day output. I mean, you have to publish more than that.

No player individual statistics too. Of course, expect no statistics for retired players as well. Assuming you are enrolled to Sports related degree and your prof decides to assign this research titled, "How the hell Ato Agustin was able to steal the MVP from Nelson Asaytono back in 1992" or topic like this, "Statistically, Does Benjie Paras deserved the MVP in 1999 by beating the explosive rookie named Danny Seigle?" No luck my friends, PBA site has nothing. Try to get back some issues of Atlas Sports Magazine and do research the conventional way.

What the PBA.ph site has are Ads, Ads and more Ads. I understand that Ads are part of the business but some questions linger. How about this Google Ads at the site? I wonder where this Google earnings go? The PBA or the Web Developer. Also, products galore of Mozcom clutters the PBA.ph website. I wonder too, what is the arrangement of PBA.ph to Mozcom with regards to ad placement.

The PBA and PBA.ph owes it to the fans to deliver fresh content and not fresh ads. The PBA should earn all ads income generated by the website, in turn, these earnings should be allocated for the development of the PBA.ph. How about hire content manager, hire writers, etc. Look beyond that of having a website for the sake of having it.

I guess the PBA marketing division doesn't know how important the PBA.ph is to them and to us.


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