Purefoods All-Filipino Miracle Champions

This time, not a single time did the Purefoods mentioned Eugene Tejada before and during the game. But in the end the Purefoods dedicated it to him. This is what I posted 2 days ago, for the Purefoods Giants to do the task at hand which is to close out the series then let the emotions all out upon winning it.

Talking about emotions, how big is this for Jun Limpot? It's so big that when coach Gregorio wisely and dutifully sent him back to game to be on the floor to finish the game, the Araneta Coliseum exploded in delight. How big it is? When he was fouled and shot his first free throw, it barely touched the rim. How big it is? Attempting his second FT, camera on him, close-up, he was already teary-eyed at that point. It is so big for him, that he almost killed Ryan Gregorio with the tight thankful hug-squeeze he gave his coach. Lucky 13 for him, after 13 years of fruitless campaign, he is now a PBA champion.

Again, the saying that 'do not judge a book by its cover' proved to be true. Physical attributes and actuations of Marc Pingris would suggest that this guy has an attitude. Yes he has, but it's one good attitude. He deserved to get FINALS MVP really. This award is so special. Simply put, the award says your the main reason why you won the finals. Of course, that is not printed on the trophy but you know what I mean. How good is he, during the interview, he said he was surprised to get the Finals MVP. That, he didn’t ask for it. And that, the only thing he prayed for was for James Yap and Raymundo to have good shooting nights. His prayer was answered and more. As equally deserving, the two, Kerby Raymundo and James Yap both scored over 25 points. These 3, were certainly too much offensive fire-power for Red Bull to cover.

I have this feeling that Kerby Raymundo hurt his stock in as far as PBA voting is concerned. This happened when he shouted publicly during the finals of last conference that he is the TRUE MVP of the conference. You just can't do that. They eventually lost that series to Red Bull. By that proclamation, he may have slighted the winner Enrico Villanueva and more so, the voting guys. This includes the PBA Press. Incidentally, the PBA Press is the one choosing the Finals MVP. So despite, a big title clinching game (27 points and 14 rebounds), somehow it's was easier for the press to overlook him (once again).

How many times did Ryan Gregorio said the "Human Spirit"? Well at least three. For a while, I thought he was endorsing either 'HUMAN' or 'ESPRIT' clothing lines. But this guy has a future in politics, he can just go on and on as a speaker.

Purefoods miraculously came back in the semi-finals after being down 1-3 against Alaska, now they are the Miracle Champions. Now the whole team, friends, fans will be hoping and praying for another miracle, one that would probably matter even more, it's Eugene Tejada’s full recovery. Our prayers too.


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