Relax, rent a movie via iTunes

I am hearing (reading) some buzz the Apple CEO Steve Jobs will broadcast that iTunes will offer Movie Rental at iTunes. This might make some stock holders of Netflix puke in nervousness. Let's wait and see during the Apples's Worldwide Developers Conference next month if indeed the rumor is true.

Apple watchers sniffed-in the possible fee per movie download at around $10. Considering the movie ticket cost is US at $7, a $10 download is acceptable as multiple viewers will enjoy the movie.

Pro-rating, P100 Philippine movie ticket cost, that would be equal to me paying P150 per download. I think, I'll just run over the nearest VideoCity to rent than paying P150 and do some downloading.

But new technologies are exciting and so I expect this to be successful too. Just like the iTunes song download.

Plus, if it is from Apple, it mustbe good. (Was it Seiko?)


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