Visiting PinoyExchange.com Again

Haven't logged-in on my account for 1 and half year and I decided to do so today.

I tried logging in for a couple of times but my UserName and Password did not match.

So I searched my desktop and looked for my handy Wispher32 password vault and found the correct matching UN and PW.

After a year and half in waiting and about to open year-old PMs, I got this message "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later." While in the right side of the message is a full flash banner of Emperador Brandy.

So the server is so busy so it's not able to load my PMs but not busy shelling out ads.

Nice PEx.


I plan to post at PEx.com that we require PBA NBA UAAP and NCAA Writers. We might launch a site before the year is over. Part time paid basketball writers and bloggers. Not a bad past time huh? Paid writing. Im doing this for free. Im sure it won't hurt being paid a little. Contact me if interested or you know someone qualified. I'll get back to the site, hopefully later it won't be busy loading ads.


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