LeBron's Miami Hits

Yet another Lebron post pile up…

I seriously thought if he’s to move, he’s headed to Chicago Bulls and build his own legacy there.

If not to Chicago, to New York Knicks instead and with a possibility of being a mega-legend when it’s all said and done.

But clearly he had other plans. I think he is not chasing MJ-esque legacy or even a “lowly” Kobe resume. More of, yeah, he’s chasing some rings PLUS a whole lot of fun.

Playing basketball with his buddies, playing where weather is good, playing for a bigger market with Hollywood-ish air, and most of all, fine asses are abound.

Heck, even if am the 25 year-old-guy who has the opportunity to do all that and be paid 100,000,000 dollars, I’ll jump on that before you can count L-B-J-ZERO. Unfortunately, from get go, LeBron was the chosen one in basketball and he had no choice but to live it up. As of now, he hasn’t and will need a lot of work and wins before he can be “the one” of his generation.

How is it acceptable that LeBron James, destined for greatness, consistent 60-win franchise player, will now be a second banana to Wade. Or if not, an equal of Wade on that Miami line up. He had a choice. Have you seen the first Miami Heat poster with James, Bosh and Wade? Guess who’s in the center? Miami is Wade’s team.

We read it and we know it. Michael Jordan will not move to Los Angeles to ride Magic and enjoy Hollywood lifestyle. Jordan is the man and he made is own city an “it” franchise for a decade. Greats downed the better ones. Michael Jordan pounded everybody on his way to the top.

LeBron is the “King” and it’s called The DECISION and not MY DECISION or not YOUR DECISION or not OHIO DECISION. But still, there are some holes in this whole free agency circus.

  • He need not make this free agency a charade when, this trio planned this years ago. The making of a TV documentary or reality TV of Wade and Bosh during the free agency sessions support this theory.
  • If he wanted rings and lasting legacy, he should have picked Chicago and drag Bosh with him (or even with Booz in there instead of Bosh). Bulls is more of a ready and balanced team.
  • Most of the people around him are his highschool buddies. His posse definitely will choose South Beach over Akron 20 out of 20 times. Did I mention what South Beach offers?
  • If he knows his basketball, he knows how shallow the Miami basketball history is. Chrisakes, fans only show up there when they are winning. And most of all, all wear white tees during finals!
  • He did not need that 1-hour special and do the slit-the-throat-of-Cleveland-sports-fans routine.

But there are upsides too…

  • This could be the year when LeBron says f*ck it, I don’t care about you folks. Like the time Kobe went through that rape case, had that ugly tattoo and accepted that his clean image is gone. He went nuts along the way then went positively wild after that. Went on super scoring show when there’s no help and and later adjusted his game when Pau and others came through. This could re-energize KING ZERO for a planned 2010-2011 demolition job of whoever gets in his way.
  • For fans of Durant and Kobe, this LeBron PR fiasco made them NBA poster boys instantly. You know, how to go about making extensions quietly (Kevin) and collecting rings (Kobe).
  • The NBA just gets juicier now. Juicier than all of South Beach models combined. State rivals Orlando - Miami is good TV. Chicago is ready to go at it plus they signed Ashton Kutcher now. And, Boston Celtics should be able re-group and rest for another shot at the East.
  • We have not seen the last of Shaq playing one new team per season. We know how low and cheap Shaq has been the past few years. He so desperate for the limelight and some rings that it’s possible he’ll go back to Miami and be part of that. (Can you imagine Larry Bird in the twilight of his career, bad back and all, playing for 3 different teams? Or Tim Duncan playing for Houston in 2012, Hawks in 2013 and Oklahoma in 2014?)
  • Long-wished finals featuring Kobe and Lebron is now closer (and better) than ever.


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