Guitar from Cebu

Given to us last month. Miniature guitar home display from Cebu.

I used to have a full-sized guitar also from Cebu. Given by a priest. It is when I learned to play guitar mediocre-ly. Highlighted by playing D-A-G-A chord pattern - “Line To Heaven” and my own song “Living a life” bearing the same DAGA chords.

Neither the guitar nor my music career lasted long. That guitar retired in 2 to 3 years. And so, a decade or so ago, we eventually commuted all the way to San Anton Pampanga (we rode a mini-bus, the one with lawanit window) to score a “langka” acoustic guitar.

On a separate note, an age-old question is still un-answered. Say, a friend went to Cebu for business trip. On his return, he gave you a box.

What would you like to see in that box?

  • Danggit
  • Dried Mangoes
  • Guitar / Ukelele / Banjo
  • Otap

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