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We have a shot of the Century Photobook with the Lexicon Encyclopedia as the backdrop. Then I remember the old days...

Picture blurry-ing flowers now... Dadanananananana, danananana, dananananana....

Don't you miss the time when Encyclopedia set was heavy-cool? Remember how the set was prominently displayed in the sala? And in the town where I was born, it was a status symbol (you know, the place where the folks would quickly call you "Endyinir" if you passed the board exam, or "Atorni" if you're taking up law).

The encyclopedia was highly valued back then that our Momma bought "special rack" from the palengke. I'm sure, back then, Encyclopedia totally deserved its special place that your Poppa made a customized palo-tsina wood cabinet. Awesome.

It was handy, or let me just say, helpful back then.

From what I remember, it answered almost all my research needs, assignments and curiosities (like how babies are conceived and how they got out, how world wars 1 and 2 started, the Islam world, etc.). Ours is 1988 Lexicon Encyclopedia bundled with a medical 4-volume set and science-for-kids set that has special projects.

Then mid-90s came about and the technology made Encyclopedia semi-dispensable. Even the semi-obsolete CD back then can contain a volume of know-how. DVDisks pushed the capacity even more therefore storing even more data, multi-media and interactive contents. And then, internet took over. No longer it is needed to go and scan the set for info. Simply type what you need and search engine will give you what you need.

I honestly don't know if there are new prints and versions of these thick encyclopedia sets. But for those who have 20 year-old sets, might as well hold on and store it a little longer, those are bound to be vintage copies and a great starting point for conversations, or gigantic paper weights even.



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