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Has something to with engineering , Philippines-related, we got to post this.

Industrial designer Mitch Shivers is from Philippines, the inventor of this doable, economical and eco-friendly washing machine. While biking, the machine (drum hooked up with the bike) washes the clothes. Inside the drum, surely there are components in place that’ll do the washing action.

As I found out during the read, there are other wash-cycling machines out there. Some are stationary units designed by other foreign inventors.

But Mitch design is better than other stationary washing machine bicycles coz this one actually can move around the village. Imagine, lets say Jim Boy, one afternoon, he is biking and washing clothes at the same time, now that’s awesome. Ok, not exactly an activity that will impress Nenita (Jim Boy’s love interest) but at least it’s unique and environment-friendly and Jim Boy helps out his momma.

BTW1: Jim Boy can easily rack up the powered wheel (rear wheel) if he wants to remain stationary in the garage while doing his laundry. Thus, his pogi-points with Nenita remains intact.

BTW2: We bought 2 big 200 liter steel drums yesterday, maybe we can make a complementing bike cum dryer! Attached it to a tri-bike, some sprockets, shafting & chains here and there, add another steel container for the Downy fabric conditioner dispenser! Na-na… na-na… na! Or maybe not, we’ll just use the drum to bath some wood and rattan with pest protectant.

So there, beautiful softs hand coz one needs no hand washing, 6 pack abs coz of the pedaling, lowers the crazy Meralco bill, protect the environment and world peace.


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