Atoy Co's Must Have Domain Name

Now this is a domain name that Atoy should really shoot for.

Atoy… .Co. Get it?

Anyways, with .com fully booked, now comes another top level domain name. dot Co. .CO Internet S.A.S., announced the availability today. Godaddy already offers .co registration but the price is on the high side as of now. Around 30$ per.

For brand name owners, trade name, and company domain name, as if .net, .info, .ph, .com.ph are not enough, they (we) will be forced to register this .co extension again just to protect their (our) own brand. Major firms already registered theirs (coca cola, twitter, etc.). After all, 30USD for them is nothing.

More than 20 countries, including the UK (.co.uk) and Japan (.co.jp), already use them for their country-specific domains so it’s well accepted domain. And not only only that, mis-typed website can get you good traffic. Go ahead, register, espn.co, nba.co, cnn.co. (and be ready for suits too!)

I’m thinking, should I register blink.co now? Nahhhh. Not Now. Or maybe not ever at all.

But if I am Atoy, I’ll get this .co domain now.


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