Second-hand Furniture For Sale

Just helping a friend sell some used furniture… Grab these second furniture, 1 lot, for only P8000.00. The lot includes a used living room sofa set, 2 pcs of cd dvd rack furniture and a dresser with stool. Only P8000 for the 4 goodies. Complete details here. However, if you prefer sparkling new furniture and accessory, by all means, check LEOQUE products. Thanks! Oh, speaking of furniture... I helped designing these... Buy one and make me rich!

contressa-console-cabinet Contressa Console Cabinet

coffee-table-vibento-solo-big Nesting center table (ok, I'll admit, inspired from a condominium interior design sighting)

night-table Night table, side table with orig glass slot, cmon click here, check it out

zen-display-rack-wood-accent-1 A modified display rack I saw on the net, Round Display

japost-side-bench-with-candle-lamp-photo Orig by us, old & new combo, side bench

leoque-panel-acacia-8inches-2 Wood Plank Shelf, Easy Wall-Mount

leoque-ladder-shelves-1 4 Layers, Wenge Ladder Shelves

leoque-console-becci-11 “BECCI” Console Table with 2-Door Cabinet

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