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In 2 years (or 3), I’ve blogged 2-3 posts hitting the lackluster PBA website. 2010 is fast approaching and the PBA website is still stuck in mediocrity. When I heard that the PBA is planning on building they own turf, I remember posting, before they start thinking of building a coliseum, they better fix their website first, pronto.

And so, I have an open letter to Commissioner Barrios…

Dear Sir, I am Benhur, a wanna be sports blogger. Of course this is not my real name. But close to that. My real name is Benjamin and if ever we’ll ink the contract I’ll give my complete surname. The contract you ask? Well, read on please sir.

I know fixing your website AKA your cyber space presence is not high on your TO-DO list. I understand that. Coz now, finding real space for your game 5 is even a larger problem. You are right, you don’t even have a place to play on. But please sir, consider my offer regarding the PBA websucks, err, website.

I’m thinking, hell, oh sorry sir, pardon me, heck, if we are paid next to nothing talking about the PBA and some guys can make kickass websites, blogs and forums via hardwork, passion for the PBA, for free, and using open source applications, why can’t a billion peso association like yours put up a decent website.

You know… decent…

  • One with real-time stats and updated photo galleries
  • One that has up-to-the-minute sched, game recaps & results.
  • One where 404 (not found) pages don’t show up.
  • One without Google ADS! Crissakes, one click and your visitors are headed elsewhere. One click = 1 peso? The PBA needs one peso? (Leave that Google ADs to indie sites like, ahm, HOOPH)
  • One that can supplement PBA fantasy addicts.
  • One that has separate team pages.
  • One with some articles on it not written by robotic press people.
  • One that has interactivity, celebrity chats, comments sections and/or forum.
  • One with video archives, highlight reels and old vintage games.
  • One that complements Solar Sports coverage.
  • One that has integrated online store that sells PBA merchandise.
  • One site that effin twitters!

And not one where Asi Taulava scored 2223 points.

The PBA website is out of touch and we need to act now.

Here’s my offer Sir Barrios:

The deal.., Hire me today. Pay me P75,000 a month. That’s only P7500 per team per month. I’ll quit my day job (yes I have sort of a day job) and we (and by we, means me & my web developer friends) will fix your site. Just give me access to stats, photos, videos & archives and we will rock it. And promise, no GOOGLE ADS.

Please call on or before 3 pm today. If you don’t call me it means you are not interested and you really don’t want to connect to your very active online fans.

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