Mangkono Tree

Mangkono, is also called iron wood (or iron tree) because of its hardness. This the baddest of the bad wood in the Philippines. The hardest wood of all species in the Philippines, better than most hardwood we know like Narra, Kamagong, Bagtikan, Yakal, Molave, Guijo etc. You have to be harder than hard to be called Philippine Iron Wood.

Dig this, to cut an ordinary tree with 70cm diameter using an axes, it will take 3-hours to put the tree down BUT to cut a MANGKONO tree with same diameter (70cm), it will take 2 to 4 days to get it done.

Mostly found in the islands of Dinagat, Homonhon Samar and Batbangon over there at Leyte. It can also be found in Palawan. Xanthostemon verdugonianus is the scientific name and is kinda endangered. I checked eBay and they still sell this though, in planks or wood tiles.

Get the detailed description of the Mangkono wood here.

Sources: Wictionary, ARCBC

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