• Dark colored rainmaker
  • Creates the raining sound & induces rain (well, that’s the wish)
  • Not guaranteed to give you rain, but guaranteed a unique home display
  • Dimensions: App 2 feet long & 3 inches diameter
  • Bamboo rainmaker, rainstick
  • With sawali bamboo mat, rattan wraps & wood handle
  • (Sawali - saw´ali’ n. interwoven splits of bamboo for walling)
  • It mimics the sound of rain and at the same time, calls for one. Bring your umbrella!
  • It doesn’t guarantee 100% every time you turn this upside down, what it guarantees is, this is a beautiful native accent. =)
  • Contains pebbles & tiny shells from the ocean that used to shine in the sun & covering the shore
  • Some musicians use this too, pretty good musical instrument
  • Get this at LEOQUE.com

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