Sonya's Chicken

A birthday celeb called for another visit to Sonya's Garden. Ms. Sonya, or as I would like to refer to her, Tita Sonya (para parang close), usually gives presents if there are special occasions. Like birthdays, anniversaries, circumcisions, etc.

She usually gives cakes, cookies, sometimes even flowers, after all, it's a garden.

Anyways, last trip we had was different, she gave us a whopping double set of (what I think to be) braised full chicken. I repeat, 2 full chickens. Even for a party of 12, that's a lot.

For that, I'd rate the chicken, 5 stars!!!

Remember, dining at Sonya's Garden is eat all you can handle... consume 'til you pay the cr a visit... therefore, by the time the birthday chickens landed on our table, we were 90% full. No more space for meal.

At Sonya's, it's eat all you can but take home is no-no. Still, we tried, sayang ang manok! Thus, we asked the floor manager if it can be taken home, the floor manager says yes. But later, after she popped out of the kitchen, she said, di pala pede.

Ok lang naman. Pero still, I'd rate the inconsistency, 2 stars. =)

So averaging, the chickens are rated 3.5 stars!!!

I wonder where they put such leftovers? tapon? sayang naman....

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