PBA Online Ending, Wanna Bet?

This entry is planned to be a two-part post about "PBA Ending." This is the fist part of two. If I am pumped enough, I’ll finish and post the second part, titled “I was an Ending Kobrador in Highschool.”

Part 1 - “My Planned PBA Betting Game That Went Kapus & Kaput”

As the PBA opened up a new betting game (a year or so ago) and virtually shutting down the possibility of a PBA endorsed “Ending” game, I’ll share an online-mafia idea few can think of. Few, because the idea is absurd.

For years, the PBA stayed away from gambling and betting for obvious reasons. And so hearing (actually, reading) that the PBA and PAGCOR just tangled up for betting game a year ago is a surprise

Yesteryear, I was thinking along the line too of making an online game. The entrepreneur in me gave me the idea of making a social PBA ending, online based, a PBA ending game that can be played wherever you may be in the Philippines.

A simple internet connection is needed, available at your nearest internet rentals or in bed using your laptop. (The idea came after I had a blog entry about this sports gambling site.)

But the idea is not possible coz the PBA is aloofly interested in gambling on well, gambling. Because the PBA won’t ever put a stamp on an “ending” game, the only way one could make an online ending game was operate in stealth mode. A project waiting to be grounded in case it took flight. With the chance of being shut down after becoming a hit is not a good business plan. Imagine spending tens of thousand to the develelopment, the next day, you get a letter from the PBA and GAB legal teams telling you to shutdowm. So there goes your 100 grand.

But still, I was thiought of this seriously, even had a chat with a web developer going to the nitty-gritty of the programming. ONLY, I am a netentrepreneur and not Al Capone, a mafia boss, so the IDEA remains to be that, an IDEA.

Continuing with the scheme… How would an online ending game be executed? Online interface only needs simple programming and creativity. Programming side is easy and can be done once the object of the play is drawn. A site only needs to have sheets or tabs where players, I mean bettors will place their bets.

To simplify and for sampling, the site only needs to have 5 tabs for each game. Each tab progresses in jackpot value. Like, Tab 1 – a bet of P10 will net you P800. Tab 2 – A bet of 20, the pot is P1600. Finally, Tab 5 – a bet of P200 will give you a chance of winning P16,000.00. If ever each tabs are filled up and games is still a day (hours even) away, additional tabs will be available. (I wasted 15 minutes of my life just to get the numbers right. God, I will never get that 15 minutes back. And, about 2 hours making this post.)

Bettors only need to load their accounts with bet-loads to be consumed and used at site. They could easily get their winnings or even their remaining loads via online banking to those who have net banking accounts. Via mobile banking using Smart and Globes mechanisms. Or via the old-fashioned, wired payments. Direct encashment from participating enterprises is also possible. Just to be in with the times, texting can be easily integrated with the betting scheme. Power to the Peso!

But wait, there’s more… A user can actually see his game-betting history, his placed bet, his lucky ending combinations, cash-outs, etc. by visiting his user account, aptly named, BetLogs (don’t you love that, the term alone, makes my plan a winner). Nice?

Of course, being confidential and that it contain private details, your friend will not be able to access your BetLog. Much love is needed to access the BetLog. Betlog s sacred.

Some sample predicaments: A. You won P16,000 and you’re checking your BetLog in bed in an air-conditioned room, that’s a Win-Win situation. Right? B. You’ve been placing bet for weeks, not winning even the lowest pot and checking your BetLog at a rented PC, that a loss-loss station. Loss-loss! Got it?

The PBA ending game is a simple one. It would have been easier (and a smashing hit) had the PBA just went the easy way of doing a PBA betting game. Even a fool can understand how “ending” works. Choose a number combo, watch the game (hell, you could even skip this wathing part) or read the newspaper, surf the net and look for the final score. 97 - 85 scores nets a 7-5 “ending”; 80 - 70 final score gives you 0-0, and so on.

In fact, with the Ending Game’s non-complexity, it forced the PBA and PAGCOR to devise their game (hulahoops) to counter the possibility of players, coaches, teams and (most definitely) referees to control the results. PBA’s Hula-Hoops (their ending version) died out easily. Will we ever see them have another crack at it? If ever they do, they should sign me up, My Ending Is A Winner. =)

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