Bride Wars

A "couples" comedy movie. Yep, for the hubbies and the wives, honeys and hugs, Brando & Tobert...

How do I rate it? Let's just say, if tickets are free / complementary tickets, I'll watch this. If not, I will not dole P300 to see this film.

And since, again, we got free tickets, we watched it at SM Cinema.

This one is for the ladies (and those who want to be ladies). Lot's of chit chats... lots of fashion... a wedding movie... a movie about frienship... this is your kind of movie I am sure.

It's along the lines of the Sex in the CIty the movie. Only, Sex in the CIty is wittier.

For me, it is passable chic movie pag free ang tickets and only 2 stars if not complementary tickets.

The upstaging tactics that Emma (Anna) and Liv (Kate) did to each other is the source of comical scenes. (SPOILER ALERT) I just felt that the catfight near the end isn't necessary and Emma's change of feelings (or lack thereof) towards Fletcher was so sudden. There could have been a better ending or better scenes that lead to that ending. Anyhows, this is my take, see for yourself. Take your partner of BFF with you.

And oh by the way, I am not gay. =)

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