Opening Benjamin Button

We had free tickets to watch new movie over at Glorietta last week. (Eh kami, basta libre passes and tickets, we watch new films and go to events. Pag wala free tickets, we get the next best option, wait for the ADVANCED COPY and watch the movie at home. Hello OMB!)

(ASIDE... Hasus... dapat gumawa na din kami ng HINDI LAHAT NG MAY CAMERA AY PIRATA! Hindi pa din pinapasok ang camera namin ng Ayala guards in fear of PIRACY of/by the OMB and moviehouses, etc.)

The choice that night: The Day The Earth Stood Still OR Benjamin Button. Because Button was on THX Cinema, that's the movie we picked.

Story is new, well sort of. Mel Gibson had Forever Young. This is Brad Pitt's version of parallel story line but this one going a little bit farther (and creepier).

Story goes... because of some clock curse, during the time Banjamin Button was born, he was born old. Some 80-ish. Then as he lived his 80 years or so, he went the other way around, he grew younger. That's where the story revolves, funny scenes came about, etc.

This is another Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt team up. (The other film is BABEL which is, btw, better than B.Button)

I'd rate this 3 of 5. Negatives... long play time (we went home 1.30am from a LFS), a lot of dragging scenes, unnessary parts, some long dialogue. Still, it's above average because Brad Pitt stars, sort of new story, funny scenes and malupit ang make up artists or CG effecs that made Cate and Brad look older and younger as the scenes require. (Pero mas nakatipid sana sa production cost if they hired Robert Redford to play the old Brad Pitt.)

RATING: Pwede na.

...This is Mario Hernardo... No Stars!\

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