And I thought rocket science is involved in producing those great HDR images. Turns out, HDR is easy.

Check a tutorial here...


And you'll need the Photomatix - http://www.hdrsoft.com/download.html and Noise ninja plugin http://www.picturecode.com/

I tried it. And in a few minutes, I got my test. Of course it's effing ugly but I just tested how it's done.

A. Wait for a good cloudy sky and a nice building or object to capture.
B Capture images with different exposures (EV). (better to use a tripod. i did not use a tripod)

C. Use the Photomatix to merge the photos.
D. Edit the settings to get the desired HDR image .
E. Post process the image using PS.

Next time I do this, I'll get a better scene, use a tripod, i'll get full featured Photomatix, spend more time enhancing the image and post processing the image and someday, my end project will land in this list.

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