Roof Rail & Side Visor for TOYOTA Innova

Just before the turn of the year, I sent our "Ilova" to the shop for a quick installation of a roof rail and side visor or rain guard. For Innova owners (especially the lower end variants), these are the first upgrades.

Toyota Otis lists the rain guard at P3000 plus & the roof rail at P8000 plus. I am pretty sure, those parts are of higer end quality and made in Japan. But to me, that's a little too much para sa accessories.

Near my place, the shops here sell the rain guard for only 800.00 a set. That's 4 pieces. And for the Roof Rails, it's only P1500. Really bargains. Less than P2500 or so for a quick Innova pimpin. Though not casa supplied, looks good enough (for me).

BTW, roof rail doesn't bring anything to the table, err to the roof. In fact, this could just add drag. Kaya lang ata naglalagay ng roof rail is for luggage tray. Since, I will not put roof tray on top, it means, this roof rail is just for form. Sa tagalog, porma.

Lemme add too that, to install a non-CASA supplied roof rail, the installers need to drill a hole to where the roof rail shall be screwed. Another red flag for those who intend to put roof rail.

Next up, we'd like to have the back spoiler and the back mirror. Money, give me some money.

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