MSI Laptop to TV

We got this 3 year old laptop, the LCD flickers upon boot up, then it goes OK for minute, then it totally blacks out. I sent it for repair last year, the (lin)tech told us, we need to replace the lcd. The new LCD cost hovers around P12000. That price, you can already buy a second laptop.

This is not a new laptop and doesn't deserve a new LCD. And I still think, the LCD aint defective but the boards and connections behind the LCD could be the culprits. Coz, during initial boots, the LCD display is so bright and with no dead pixels whatsoever, only after few minutes it goes black and I hear some hiss or some sort of little electrical shorted circuit sound. Anyways, I did not send it to the (lin)techs again, I just sent it to our office, I connected it to HUGE old CRT monitor and still have productive life.

Early this year, the user quit her post and so an idle PC in there. So, we took the MSI laptop home and finally did the chop-the-laptop. I totally removed the display and just used the main cpu body and connected it to our TV using VGA cable I bought from... dandararan... CDR King.

Now I have second workstation at home. It's great because suddenly we have a big lcd display for home browsing needs. The MSI laptop is wifi ready and readily connects to our home wireless router. The set-up gives great youtubing experience, play PC games, even do office work...

And, with With 40GB, it is not much, but enough to back up some photo files and these pictures can be readily viewed on TV screen.

Finally, this set-up serves as our back-up DVD player. Our main DVD player is picky when it comes to playing pirated DVDs and this MSI laptop will help in that prob. We tried loading 3 pirated DVDisk to the MSI laptop, all 3 wouldn't play on Sony DVD, but on MSI, it was able to read all. Problem solved.

This particular MSI M610 laptop model has this feature, where, you can play DVDs and CD without the Microsoft Windows O.S. turned on. Basically, the PC/laptop operating system is off and the laptop acts as a media player/dvd player.

Perfect solution from an unperfect-semi-busted laptop.


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