Bench Press, A Quick Home Gym Set-Up

This Bench Press Outta Do IT...

IT, means the tummy.

To my surprise, lifting is quite fun. And crunches (sit ups) using bench is more meaningful or effective than just lying on the floor. The plan is not to be enlisted on Viva Hot Males but to at least remove fats and be healthy again.

This hardware also acts as a motivator, constantly saying "get your lazy fat ass working in here." Without a thing reminding us to exercise, it's hard to get away from TV, laptop, console games and idle other activities.

Too bad, after few days of using, my left hand is still aching (this for a month now from a basketball game) and did not improve after 7 trips to manghihilot.

So to the doc I went yesterday. I can't do any lifting now as my left hand had gone 2 x-rays and doc is looking for fracture, cracks and whatnot. Pending results, this bench press is one big display inside our home.

More photos...

  • Bench press for Home Gym Quick Set-up
  • Straight and incline positions
  • No pulley mechanisms, easily load the plates and begin total body work out.
  • Steel is stylishly powder coated, can be used indoors, rooms, even living rooms, your balcony. It will not mess up your house/room look.
  • Bars, plates NOT INCLUDED. Contact 09235039457 if you want one. P3500.00

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