Home Improvement: The Massive Glass Panel

I spent 2 hours yesterday just to get this massive glass panel installed. The huge half inch by 7 feet by 14 inch glass panel is from my sister as she chose to go wood panel instead. I got this free.

Man Hours Breakdown

A. The Lift Off (20 min)

20 minutes looking for someone who'll help me bring this glass from G-Floor to the 5th, via stairs. After 15 minutes of waiting in the sidestreet, there you go, one pedicab driver agreed to help me send it up to the heavens (5th floor), I gave him P40.00.

B. The Talk (10 min)

Precious 10 minutes to inform thy neighbor of an impending mala-jack-hummer powerful drill. Gotta talk to thy neighbors if you're separated by only 4 inch walls.

C. Measure Up (10 min)

10 minutes to draw the lines, err, the points. This one is 35 inches high and with 4 steel supports separated by 21 inches to spread the load.

D. Drill You, Screw You (20 min)

Just 20 minutes to actually drill the holes and screw the supports. And, I loaded the glass panel by myself while reciting Hail Mary. I was actually praying while lifting this thing for fear that it might snap and slit my throat. A lone worker lifting a seven foot glass panel is not recommended as it could snap in the strained/stressed area. BUT, I want to see how it'll look ASAP.

E. Clean Up (60 min)

Finally, 1 hour to clean up the mess. I actually spent more time cleaning up the concrete debri, chipped rust from the supports, tools everywhere... than actually installing the panel.

Next up, some paint retouching for the steel supports, i want it white and thoroughly clean the glass. Later on, get some artpieces or frame my own photo shots to put on the glass.

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