Shake Yer [E] Heads T-Shirts For Men and Women

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Shake Yer [E] Heads T-Shirt shake yer head t-shirt

Derived from one of Eraserheads’ coolest tune, Shake Yer Head. We put in a liitle twist by putting the “E” and we made it “heads.”

And so, as the Eheads music plays, we can all shake our heads and groove. A play on UltraElectroMagneticPop Album too, see the “Musical History” as it replaces the “Parental Advisory” on that cover.

Another line text print is “You’ll see it comin’ around”… referring to the Final Set Concert itself AND the multitude of Eraserheads DVDs, Eraserheads ringtones, Eraserheads wallpapers, Eraserheads memorabillas, Eraserheads CDs, Eraserdeads T-Shirts, E-tcetera that will surely come around just right after the final set concert.

Finally, commemorative 379 digits are printed. To Eheads, we all know what that means.

UPDATE - FEB 4 2009…

Also available in baby tees.

baby tees shake yer heads

Contact us please to order. CLICK HERE.

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