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Some ten years ago, Eraserheads released the album Natin99. Yep, circa 1999. Though not as popular as the El Bimbos and the Torpedos of the music world, that album includes some classic favorites, “Sino Sa Atin”, “Maselang Bahaghari” and “Huwag Kang Matakot”

We are all happy, after 10 loooooong years, Eheads music is still ours. The Eheads band is still ours. Thus the print, “SATIN09.”

And just a bonus, come 379, we’ll be able to celebrate Eheads music via the Final Set concert. Mapa -VD concerts or live Final Set viewing, we will still be able to hear Eheads now. Indeed Satin pa din, this 2009.

Sub text below is the line, “Sariwan Ang Malayang Kahapon.” True , every time we play Eheads songs, we get to be back in that all too fresh music era.

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