Zara Shoes

Did not buy this pair. Given to me last Christmas.

zara sneakers zara shoes

This is my Saturday pair. Today is Sat, so I am wearing the Zara shoes now. It replaces the Crocs Corduroy shoes as my Sabado Shoes. Coz I have been using the crocs like a tsinelas so its no good for jeans & pants now, wherein, I am stepping on the back portion of the shoe. The Crocs I also received last year’s holidays.

Sana may Zara khakis too! Hehe.

Let me test my sales copy skill (or lack there of). I’ll try to describe this Zara sneakers.

It has a rubber-like material for the outsole. Bundled with matching silver-gray shoe laces that perfectly go through the shoes’ eyelet. It has white rubbery welt like that of Chuck Taylors. Soft removable insoles are also bundled. The whole shoe (including the tongue), sewn in fabric, with x-patters sewing.

Dunno why I described it in detail. I just want to. The reference… check the shoe anatomy here.

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