Kobe’s MJ Moments Snatch Game 4


The day Kobe first set foot on an NBA floor, it was obvious, his game is patterned after the great Michael Jordan. Nobody can deny this.

As hard as Kobe says otherwise, there’s no way his game is patterned after Bob Cousy.

Remove the fallaways, the highlight dunks, the mid game shots, the drives to the hoop, the low post moves, and still you’ll see MJ in Kobe.

The way he walks, speaks, competes, the will, etc.

And I am told, Kobe just playbacked his whole Michael Jordan DVD collection last night. Yes, all night.

Kobe’s sched last night:

6:00 pm - Watch Orlando - Lakers Game 3 scouting video clips
6:30 pm - Dinner Time
8:00 pm - “Michael Jordan’s Playground”
9:00 pm - “Air Time”
10:00 pm - “Above and Beyond”
11:00 pm - “His Airness”
12:00 MN - Watch interracial p*rn.
12:16 am - Bed time

And so he woke up with an, ahhmm, a breath of fresh air, Air Jordan that is.

Game 4, he came out of the dugout today, more than ever, MJ-ish.

People… Did you all see the way he chewed the gum? That’s MJ patented. Did you see his catch-the-ball-in-the-elbow-i-will-not-dribble-ill-take-this-shot-anyway-shot? That’s on page 68 of the Michael Jordan How To Score With Style Handbook.

Did you see how he carried the ball at the top of the key, on isos? The nonchalant dribble. Did you some bits of shrug every shot made? Did you the fist pumps? Did you the grit & sneer of Kobe?

Did you see how he rovered many times to cover Dwight Howard? Did you see how Kobe grabbed the ball from Howard’s grasp (a parallel to the crucial steal of MJ from Malone)?

But wait, there’s more.

The two three point shots of Fisher both came out because of Kobe’s willingness to pass the ball. Critics are all crying for this, when will he be able to trust his mates in the biggest stage of the game?

Guys, the answer is now.

First up, the 3-point tying shot of Derek Fisher that tied the game.

Lakers inbounded from the backcourt with 11 seconds then temporarily & successfully denied Bryant the ball for some seconds. Kobe freed up and got the ball, they crowded him. Kobe took the defense with him towards the endline & side of Lakers bench. Hedo & Pietrus doubled then Kobe, AKA, Mr. Willingly Yours passed the ball to Ariza. Ariza passed to Derek Fisher. Lakers playing 4 on 3, defense on the edge, Nelson backed-up a little (big time mistake btw) and swoosh, all tied.

Almost same play by MJ in the Paxon shot over Phoenix Suns in 93. Defense overreacting to MJ backcourt handle, he passed the ball to Pippen at the centercourt, Pip found Paxon wide open and there’s goes Barkley’s dream ring.

Second down, the back breaking, air zapping shot by Derek Fisher.

Kobe in the block, Jameer Nelson doubled off Derek Fisher and leaves The Fish wide open. Kobe, ahem, the willing passer, delivered the ball to the perfectly open Fisher. Swoosh. Lakers up by 3 with 30 secs left.

Oh, check out the Steve Kerr - Michael Jordan play, exactly same play. MJ defended by Bryon Russell and he passed. As a bonus replica, both doubling point guards, John Stockton & Jameer Nelson fell down leaving Kerr & Fisher with literally the shot of their lives. (Ah wait, Fisher’s 0.4 shot is his trademark)

Lakers lead 3 - 1.

Ladies & gentlemen, Kobe’s two MJ moments in one game.

Plus bonus MJ-chew-the-gum-alike by The Mamba. Awesome.

(For the Lakers win, special mention to Ariza’s play, Derek Fisher’s clutchness, Pau Gasol steadiness, Howard’s choking on the FT line and Adam Morrison gorgeous coat & tie.)

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