LeBron James KO'd, Orlando Magic vs Los Angeles Lakers Finals

After Lakers game 6 close out of Denver, I wanted Magic for the Lakers, now I got it…

Speaking of Magic… Abra-kadabra, wooshhhhh, the King is Gone!

I witnessed that.

Sorry David Stern, sorry Nike, sorry BTV, the Kobe-LeBron dream showdown was spoiled by the Magic. LeBron has left the Building.

To be fair, LeBron’s supporting cast is incomparable to Dwight’s (But you know what, during the 66 win regular season & the 8-0 playoff blitz of the Cavs, I did not hear a lot of people rambling about his mediocre supporting cast).

Sorry LeBron, looks like it’s Kobe time this year.

LeBron is still on his first little toddler steps to greatness so he should be fine. It’s not his time nor the 2007 ring, nor the 2008th ring. It’s now up to Ferry to retool LeBron’s crew. Perhaps a bigger shooting guard & a younger frontline player.

I repeat… After Lakers game 6 close out of Denver, I wanted Magic for the Lakers, now I got it.

I feel that Howard, though he can get his monster numbers, he can not beat the Lakers alone. The Lakers will have some answers. I know, Phil will have the answer with the massive three-point shooting of Orlando.

Though now ousted, I still feel Lebron’s Cavs is tougher team to beat for Lakers. With the Kobe-Lebron greatness debate at stake, that will drive LeBron to go nuts. LeBron (like we’ve witnessed bunch of times), he alone can single-handedly score 1 to 2 wins over the Lakers. And with the way Melo banged-in a couple of high scoring games against Ariza & Walton, just imagine Lebron’s line.

Via Lebron’s heavy numbers & minutes, Cavs is a pretty good team. They are vacationing now because they run into multiple matchup problems in Orlando.

Given, Howard is too much for either Ben or Z and the human-flopping-machine Varejao. What did the Cavs too is the combo of Hedo & Lewis. Hedo feasted on Delonte’s defense. While a roving LeBron allowed his men, Pietrus & Lewis those momentum generating threes. Cavs guard Daniel Gibson said… “It’s hard watching the dream go away with every 3-point shot they made.” And then, Lee & Alston found their shooting rhythm. That spelled SEASON OVER for the Cavs.

Against Lakers, Luke Walton & Trevor Ariza will offer better defense vs Hedo. Odom, AKA Up-Lharma-Down (the inconsistencies, got it?, the band, got it?) pretty much cancels out Rashard Lewis.

It’s up to Bynum & Gasol to counter Dwight Howard energy, defense & numbers. Dwight speed, strength & size present problems really but Josh Powell and D.J. Mbenga carry 12 fouls combined. That’s 24 FT attempts gifts for a supposed poor FT shooter Howard. Foul him, grab him, don’t allow and-ones and the perimeter Lakers should not double off Hedo/Lewis/Pietrus/Lee/Alston and my fave, Redick.

Oh wait, there’s this guy named Kobe Bryant.

As hard as Pietrus tried against Lebron, Lebron fired a close to 40-point average in 6 games against Orlando. That’s with Pietrus as the main cover. With Kobe having 200 more moves than Lebron, can you see him doing better against Kobe. Nahhh!

The problem of containing Kobe (not only scoring but you know, the decoy thing) will have to be the problem of Stan Van Giddy. He aint a bad coach, he can prove to his dad, that he’s the best Gundy coach in the world f he can contain Kobe and the Lakers.

With a streak of 0 and 2 in the finals (1 by Detroit, 1 by Boston), I just can’t see Kobe Bryant letting this one slip away. At 31 (this August), Kobe’s time is clicking, he knows it. This is BEST EFFIN SHOT he’s got in bagging a ring without the Shaq-string.

We’ll hear the familiar chant, Beat L.A. Beat LA… to which Kobe and his gang will say… No Way!

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