Kipling Designer DSLR Bag

I don't know that much about fashion but sometimes, I think I know a good design if I see one. And here's one.

Designed by Mexican fashion blogger Andy (Style Scrap Book), for European brand "Kipling".

I have been a blogger for over 3 years now and my SLR camera has become my number one accessory as I have to bring it with me to most events. I searched for a stylish camera bag for ages, but not only any bag, but something that would match my style perfectly, but I couldn't find it, that is why I decided to design one myself, so I partnered with very well known European brand Kipling and we made it happen!

This is a nice stylish camera bag for all ladies out there. For those who carry SLRs all the time, pro & photo hobbyists, tourists, attend events & parties, fellow blogger like Andy, this is one of the best glamour DSLR bags out there. No room for extra lens but who cares! This is a pretty bag. Right now, it is posted here but sale details, launch date, price are not yet up.

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Blogger anything posh said...

where can i buy one of this? still available?

1:57 PM

Blogger anything posh said...

where can i buy this online? still available?

1:59 PM


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