Jawo Moments

One of the first Jawo greeters. Here are some things I remember about Robert Jaworski's legendary play and career. This gonna be quick, rapid-fire (homage to Ric Bucher) list of what moments pop in my mind when I close my eyes and remember Mr. PBA, Robert Jaworski.

1. Competitive that he is, I remember that Allan Caidic "Slit-The-Throat" gesture.
2. Many times, sprawled on the floor, he'll do push-ups. One-time, he did it with one hand, left hand, then right hand.
3. I think Shell leading a series and needing one game to win the finals, they got balloons and confetti ready. But when Ginebra was about to win the game, Jaworski started mocking Shell and the Shell fans by looking up, he began holding his neck (he may be the first in the Philippine to use that choker gesture) and scratching & shaking his head. Classic.
4. Close hard-fought game vs a Bernard Fabiosa team, Fabiosa injured his shoulder (I think it's the injury that ended his Benie's career). Jaworski, on TV, doing his "nips & board" coaching, he said... "WALA NA YANG SI FABIOSA!"
5. He gave Jolas a baseline hit. I will no longer elaborate in detail, i don't want Rafe Boog's Kuya Jolas to be pissed again. (Notice that during Jojo Lastimosa's Alaska jersey retirement, he did not mention Jaworski but mentioned all others PBA legends like Ramon Fernandez, Franciz Arnaiz, Freddie Hubalde, et al.
6. The winning pass and shot of Robert Jaworski and Ramon Fernandez during the 1989 all-star game and the cool handshake between them.
7. The Crispa vs Toyota reunion game, Ramon Fernandez time to pass back to Jaworski. Jaworski Three Points!
8. When Jaworski visited a dying lolo's wish to see him before he passed.
9. 1997, after winning a championship, Robert Jaworski gathered his boys in the middle court to pray and then later, thanked the fans.
10. The times he sat, talked to fans and signed autographs, million times. That's the record that will not be broken ever by a PBA player.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, Robert Jaworski.

Happy Birthday again!

(Ill have to continue this, 10 bullet list is aint enough for the BIGGEST Philippine basketball personality.)



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