Smart Gilas, First Look

Saw the whole game last night (parang proud pa ko na nakakabuo ako ng game now ah), Smart - Gilas versus its kapatid-sa-labas team Talk N Text. Smart-Gilas started well, then the boys started "playing" the game, some bad shots here and there, and walah TnT took control mid game. In the end though, Smart-Gilas escaped with a 103 - 98 win. Best player of the game is Douthit.

Speaking of...

Some things that surprised me last night...

1. Marcus Douthit played 43 minutes. That's too much for a bulky seven footer guy. Coach Toroman gotta rest Douthit. No way a big 7 footer can sustain anchoring defense and giving offense for almost the whole game. Note that, Smart Gilas play fast-paced basketball. Even the greatest conditioned athletes in the NBA need rest. Human, mind, muscles, lungs got limits. To maximize his strengths, he needs to play un-winded. I kinda expected him to totally fade come end of fourth. To his credit, he did not totally fade but it was obvious he tired just a little at bottom of the fourth, resulting in turnovers. He had a poor shooting night 'swell. Resting him or managing his minutes is not a bad idea. I'll text the Toro-man about this. But overall he is really an asset to Philippines basketball, got heft, height, game and attitude. Good attitude, that is. If PNoy can only sign the docs!
2. Chris Tiu has some speed in him. I do not follow UAAP, and Smart Gilas has been under-exposed in terms of TV games so I did not see much of Chris Tiu's killer shooting (2 of 3 from three line last night), killer speed and killer smile. I have two probable reasons why or how he runs or go with the ball so fast. It's either he is truly motivated to deliver for Smart Gilas OR, as I tweeted... "Mabilis din pala si Chris Tiu, siguro ini-imagine nya hinahabol sya ni Love AƱover!"
3. That they can shoot the threes with such high percentage against a motivated and "challenged" TnT defense. The quick ball movement, the confidence they have playing in the system and players shooting range of course are reasons why they shot 40% on threes. It could have been higher if not for some "forced" shots they took in the middle quarters. Let's monitor how they'll shoot threes the rest of the elimination.
4. Special mention, Tweeted... "I like Lassiter. Quick, Shoots, Sharp. I am giving him "The Laser" as moniker. I'll submit this proposal to my dean for approval, Dean Quinito Henson of School of Moniker Giving." Remember folks, Dean Quinito is the guy who gave Jason Castro, "The Maestro" nic. Lassiter can play. He's aggressive on defense and packs some offense too. Without his play,16 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, I dont think Smart Gilas team wins.


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