2011 NBA All-Star Notes

All Star Saturday Events

If you follow our my tweets (like my over 5000 followers do), you know I picked Stephen Curry to win the skills challenge, James Jones to win the 3-point shooting contest and DeMar DeRozan to win the slamdunk challenge. All my picks won. Ok not all. But there are whispers that go along this line of thought…

From ESPN writer… In truth, McGee should have been facing DeMar DeRozan in the final instead of Griffin, but the hometown Los Angeles crowd swayed the judges heavily in Griffin’s favor.

If you saw the Minority Report docs, it’s there. Precog Agatha saw this, she was shaking and finally gave… “Blake Griffin will win the 2011 slam dunk compete.” We were all programmed that Blake will win the Slam Dunk by virtue of his amazing in-season dunks. And of course, because of Agathas pick!

And I tweeted…

“kahit na aliens ang kalaban ni blake, blake wins. judges and fans were already programed ftw coz of blakes spectacular in-game reel.”

“remember the aliens in the space jam, versus blake griffin in this slam dunk, blake griffin still wins”

You saw the whole thing, Ibaka, DeMar and Javale McGee gave a good show. McGee did a difficult two balls, two rings dunk. If you think it’s easy, try circling your right index finger and make a triangle off your left index finger. That McGee dunk required hand muscle mind body coordination.

And, Ibaka made the boy happy by retrieving a teddy bear off the ring. Tweeted, “that kid with the teddybear, he’s hilarious and cute at the same time. Ibaka should get 50pts for the boy’s acting.”

Meanwhile, DeMar actually dunked from the free throw line, the LINE. He’s the only NBA player who jump off the free throw line, again the LINE. MJ did not. Dr. J did not. Barry did not.

Griffin’s dunk over the car is not even that, it’s a jump over the hood. Not the car. Check youtube, a Euro guy flew over the whole damn car. But still, have no problem win Blake winning, to me, he deserves the trophy coz of his regular season dunks and the presentation (choir and car) he pulled.

And a BIG by the way here, that 2 minute time allotted for a dunk is a stupid rule. I mean, after 8 tries, we’re no longer appreciating the awesome dunk, we’re almost feeling a sigh of relief. Look, do a 3 tries rule, if he efffin can not do it in 3 tries, he cant do it. Ok Stern? Let’s abolish that 2 minute NATE ROBINSON rule. Or else, we’ll protest. Protesting is “in” now.

On three.. I picked James Jones coz I know he’s more of a set shooter, not a jump shooter (a la Ray Allen). And this guy knows only one thing, shoot threes (He said it so, 95% of his shots are 3s). Again, if you’ll bet next year who wins, go for the set shooter (Kapono, Bird). Not jump shooters like Ray Allen or Steve Nash or Kevin Durant. On KD awful 6 point performance… I’m surprised he tired out and his stroke is diff, from his game shot to his contest shot. If there are in-game dunkers, I guess there are in-game three point shooters. KD is an in-game three point shooter.

My Wish Event

Though this years All Star happening is a hit TV ratings wise, buzz-wise, I say there’s still room for improvement, or there is still room for one event, I’d like to see one-on-one hoops. Kobe vs Lebron, LeBron vs Blake, Durant vs Melo, Durant vs LeBron, Shaq vs Howard, Amare vs Horford, Beyonce vs Rihanna booty-showdown @ halftime of every game… who says no??!!

Kobe Bryant MVP

What the heck do you want? The guy played hard end to end, he played defense. Ok, there are ballhogin moments but Amare is right, Kobe is Kobe.

He played the game so dutifully that if Kate Winslet was there, she’ll blurt, so serious!

Kobe scored 37 points on 14 of 26 FGs, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals in just 29 minutes. And his team won. How is he not the MVP? How the heck KD becomes the MVP, he shot just same FG%, and lower stat across the board. Haters, calm down.

If you’ll say LeBron (finishing with 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists ) is the MVP though his team lost, that argument has a lot of air and is quite acceptable. BTW, LeBron made a mistake by passing up an open three, gave the ball to Bosh for a three. Bad “DECISION” again? The KD over Kobe argument is a fart. Pfffffffffffffft!

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