Should Manny Pacquiao quit while he is ahead?

After this almost-unbreakable record 8 world titles and being financially secure for the rest of his life, is it time for Manny Pacquiao to hang up the gloves? He is easily worth over 2-billion pesos, with proper financial management, that could last his entire life, and the next gen as well. Lots of money to enjoy the rest of his adult life and to enjoy new-Jinkee as well. Boxing-legacy wise, it’s sealed more than that of Ludy’s peanut butter seal. Nothing more to prove. With or without that ducker-boxer, he is an all-time-great.

Problem is, I think Pacman genuinely loves to entertain and he loves the limelight. And, he is virtually half-a-billion-pesos guaranteed per fight, win or lose, I dunno if he can run away from that money.

If you’re the ref, what’s is your call? Should Manny Pacquiao retire now?

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