New JMM T-Shirt, “I Was Floored By Pacman Four Times”


You saw the tee right? “MARQUEZ BEAT PACQUIAO TWICE!!”

Is it the right way to beg for a fight from the P4P king Manny Pacquiao? I do not think so.

If I am Pacquiao, I’ll give this guy a shot. Most def, JMM is looking for big payday, I’ll instruct my handlers to give Marquez the fight but lowball him with the purse. Give him no more than what he earned in that Mayweather fight he got (or less than what Margarito took home when Pacman turned him to a Chinese dude). And in the contract, a clause saying JMM will wear a Manny Pacquiao produced - tee. And then come fight time, punish this guy once again. Floor him a couple more.

And in the press conference fight build up, Juan Manuel Marquez wears a tee with something like this… “I Was Floored By Pacman Four Times”

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