This Vase Set Is Mine. Mine! Mine! Mine!

This is NFS (not for sale) but I am posting it anyway. Being a co-owner of a home accent store, it's surprising that sometimes our home, is left with very few deco of its own. Some of the home decor we sell, we photoshoot them inside our home and some would sit there, mesh & fit with our home design and feel like it ours. Sometimes, we get/buy home displays for our home but end up being sold coz buyers like the accents. Who are we to deny the clients? They are after all, always right, the clients. And so sometimes, we can’t define the line as to what belongs to the furniture store - “House of Leoque” - and what should remain in the “house of ours.” And so we promised ourselves, this time it’s defined, for the 2 pieces tea candle holders shown, this is for the house of ours.

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