Manila, Manila

sorry tita cory & manong ninoy, but sometime you gotta feel for this country. sometimes i want to pack my bag, just leave on a jet plane and head to The Netherlands and live there. one heavy mad-rain after midnight and the city of manila is submerged. what follows afterwards is chaotic manila traffic. qc bound lane of espana became 2way, nagtahan bridge was or is (im sure it still clogged as i write this down) a big parking lot, parts of araneta ave were closed, the traffic lights were useless, the traffic enforcers, were, of course nothing new here, useless too. forbes is gapang, the inner streets of manila where i tried finding shortcuts are flooded too, worse, the padyakers were ruling the inner streets. buset! I come pram da phlippines! malunod! este mabuhey!

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