Condominium Furniture in the Philippines


I’m checking the website logs, and I saw online Philippine furniture hunters were searching for “condo furniture” and “condominium furniture.” And the great news (well, at least for us) is, some of them landed in here, the House of Leoque. And lucky all, we do have some furniture designed and custom-made for condominiums.

With Philippine condominiums going as low as 20 square meters (studio units), space is a premium. Owners should be able to maximize the space without ever compromising comfort of living and the functionality of the furniture. Living in a condo is far more different than living in a single detached home, same is true for the furniture in it. And so much care, research, thought, measurements are needed before finally deciding what to get.

It is recommended too to sought the professional, friendly (or in my case, family) advise of an interior designer or architect to achieve a more functional & sophisticated home furniture selection.

You cannot expect to get all your condominium furniture & decorative accents in one source by the way. Getting it from one source I believe is a mistake. You should find the courage to mix & match styles to make one interesting home design. That’s where your furniture research & educated advise will come in.

Condo living provides an ideal setting for urban dwellers but a lot of the comfort depend on the furniture you pick. And so, good luck on your condominium furniture buying spree!

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