Infocom Warpspeed Review (7 years late)

i dug an unused treasure yesterday... a prepaid dial up internet card. its pldt's infocom warpspeed preloaded card worth 100 pesos. this could be circa 2002 or 2003. maybe i got this as back up internet connection or this is my main gateway to the web, i can't remember.

yeah, warpspeed, keyword is "speed." speed not because of the amazingly fast 56kbps transfer but because of how fast the 9 hour load will go. this card, you can surf for FREE from 12 mn to 7 am, so suckers for MIRC chats (ahem), this is heaven (or hell) sent... ASL?

but wait, there's more, this got free email! an email if i remember it right, you'll change more frequently than you pee. because anytime you forgot to reload the account you created, the email address is gone.

but if there's one thing i miss about those slow net days, it's the handshake during the dial-up connection, the squeaking noise. you don't remember the sound? well imagine this... yoko ono perfoming her "music" during a bad day.

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