Acrylic Painting, A Sis Gift

10 FACTS...

  1. this is a gift for my sister, i made this afternoon of saturday, july 25
  2. the canvass i bought from national bookstore is P160 per framed canvass
  3. coz i dont do this stuff as often as i would want to, my first try was a mess, sayang ang P160.00
  4. for the successful version, i spent 3.5 hours, for the unsuccessful version, i spent 2 hours
  5. the toughest part to make, the lips area
  6. this is not the best paint job in the world but im sure this is better than a "mango" blouse or shirt.
  7. the photo was shot in boracay using fuji point & shoot camera, shot by my nanay
  8. at the office, doing this thing, i had tabo & timba by my side to wash the paint brushes
  9. my sister shown in the painting, she's pretending to be an expert photographer. she got same camera set as mine (canon 450 + kit + nifty fifty + 55-250 telelens)
  10. because my sister loves the painting so much, she told me the P50,000 i owe her, I can forget all about it. =P

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