Supporting Smart Gilas

Reading the reports surrounding PBA or Gilas, the majority really sided with Smart Gilas taking it over. And I agree. After another failed attempt by PBA-backed team, I too voted for the programmed version of SBP’s Smart Gilas. Thirty year-old PBA superstars are simply over-riped for them to learn a whole new ballgame (so to speak) and in such a short time. Too old to be taught of the game that suits international game. Too hardheaded to throw away their fetish for one-on-one showtime. We’ve been wanting a basketball program for the longest time, and now that it’s here, let’s support them.

For PBA backers and fans, you don’t need to pout, looks like SBP is to hook up with at least 3 pro PBA players anyways, so we’ll get a taste of both (amateur & pro) worlds anyways. Guys like Jared, Gabe and Japeth were mentioned. The three, certainly, will get heavy minutes plus one naturalized player. The core will still be PBA players + an import, so c’mon SBP, show us your “non-PBA” national team next year, we’ll support you (and hit you) all the way. Be better than 9th, eclipse the 8th!

(AND I WILL JUST ADD THIS: If this Smart Gilas team does well, I mean triple-very well in its international forays, this could be the end of the PBA as we know it. You can save, bookmark, quote, me on this.)

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