RIP Paquito Diaz

Dunno if it's true, that Paquito Diaz said, without him, there will be no FPJ. Hmmmm, FPJ got acting skills, superb film maker, got the looks and physique, knows what the masa wants, he got action skills (guns, box, swords, etc.), chicks magnet, those traits, more likely, ticket to movie action super duper star.

Having said that, we still have to say that indeed, Paquito Diaz, a legend in his own right, added to the legend of FPJ. Case in point, the video above, great scene by FPJ helped by acting & antics, only Paquito can deliver.

RIP to both guys. Every now and then, I long for new FPJ films. With Paquito of course.

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