People Power My Ass

Nice poster/graphics...

People all over are doing the patented Philippines People Power. I hope these countries and their citizens succeed. But more importantly, get better people to run their affairs after getting the big D. Today is EDSA Day. Not celebrating it though this year. Disappointed before 86, disappointed in 92, in 98, 2004, in 2010. Nothing to celebrate. These guys aint helping us a bit.

You know what's real People Power now. Do your best for yourself, family and country, do everything with God. Employ people, be productive, pay your tax, help those who are need, serve community, teach the young, let them lead the way (joke), empower people. Forget EDSA!

To me, EDSA is just an avenue where buses swerve like crazy, traffic sucks, and where some traffic aides enforcers dudes hunt for traffic violation during lunch time only. I am actually afraid of EDSA.


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