The Heatles T-Shirt

Ladies & gentlemen, THE HEATLES!

The buzz that the Lebron James transfer created is unprecedented. Teaming up with Dwayne Wade and fellow new comer Chris Bosh in Miami, all in their prime, they form the most formidable trio in all of NBA. They’re called many different names… Miami 3 16, Miami Thrice, Run DLC, The Three Amigos, etc.

But what we like the most is the… “The Heatles”.

The hoopla they create when they are in the road is reminiscent of the crowd the Beatles got on roadshows and tours. And even when the Miami Heat play at home, they are equally deadly team and a fun team to watch. This tee design represents this season (and the next years comin’) Miami Heat’s Beatles-like personality… followed by everybody and wherever and whenever… the fun game that they showcase esp in open court… and the high-caliber combo of LeBron and Wade, just like Paul & John.

Lebron James took his talent to South Beach, now it’s your turn to take our tee and be proud of your favorite team, favorite trio, favorite player.

Get a piece of the Heatlemania, for boys & girls.

P250 only.

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